Welcome to Carphonics

Most - CCC - iDrive Systems

IBus - Mk4 - Mk3 Systems

Here at Carphonics we specialise in repairing and upgrading the entertainment systems in German Cars and Range Rovers.

Our aim is simple - to bring professional repairs and unique innovative upgrades to car owners, in a way that lets you reinstall with the least amount of effort. As close to plug and play as possible.

In our workshop, we have full testing systems for the

- Ibus systems found in 1999 - 2006 BMWs, K1200LT Motorbikes and L322 Range Rovers(non touch screen sat nav systems).

- Most, CCC, IDrive Systems found in 2004-2010 BMWs.

Carphonics has grown from repairing faulty modules to innovating new ideas for the car enthusiast around the world.

We have helped many discerning customers take their car beyond the ordinary whilst still retaining a factory feel. This is in essence of what we do.